Sermon Series

When you think of “home,” what do you recall?  Perhaps it is a time in your childhood, or perhaps it is a time with your own children.  For some, “home” is where the grandparents live, and for some it is with friends who have become family.  Whenever you think of coming home for Christmas, remember Jesus.  Jesus came to make his home with us on earth. 

At this time of year, there is a need to get back to what is familiar and real about Advent and Christmas—connecting with our families and faith.  No matter where life’s journey has taken us, Christmas is the time to come home.


December 3rd—

10:45 am worship—Sermon:  Come Down Home (Isaiah 64:1-9)

December 10th—

10:45 am worship—Sermon:  Home is Where we Meet (Psalm 85),

Choir Cantata—Come Let us Adore Him!

December 17th—

10:45 am worship—Sermon:  Joy is Our True Home (1 Thess. 5:16-24)

December 21st--

      7 pm Blue Christmas Service

December 24th—

10:45 am worship—Sermon:  God Makes this World a Home (Pt 1) (Luke 1:46-55)

7:00 pm worship—Christmas Eve Candlelight and Communion Service—Sermon:  God Makes this World a Home (Part 2) (Luke 2:1-7)