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Welcome to the United Methodist Social Principles

The Social Principles are the United Methodist Church's statement about global social concerns. They are a biblical and reasoned attempt to address current matters of justice in our world today.

We have just begun a slow, deliberate journey together in both churches through these Social Principles.

Click the link immediately below to access the Revised Social Principles, which were adopted at General Conference this year.

You will find a Table of Contents to help you find specific topics.

124 (umcjustice.org)


One of the defining marks of the United Methodist tradition has been a concern for social holiness, which encompasses both a personal experience of God's grace in community (there is no isolated Christianity) and God's grace calling the people of God to work for the dignity of all people loved immeasurably by God.


In the first link below, Crystal Caviness introduces us to the Revised Social Principles.

And in the second link below, you will find a more detailed explanation of the history and outline of the Social Principles, as well as the purpose for their revision.

Revised Social Principles: Updating The UMC toolbox for social witness

Revised Social Principles for General Conference Charlotte 2024 • GBCS (umcjustice.org)


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