Arlington Church History

On June 13, 1901, George Boling, Ella Wilson, William P. Anthony, George Graham and Mr. and Mrs. Henry Earlabaugh filed in the Office of Secretary of Oklahoma Territory, a patent to form a Corporation of the First Methodist Episcopal Church of Arlington, Oklahoma Territory, for the purpose of spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ and to bring souls into the Church of the Living God.  It must have taken several years to obtain enough money for as near as can be ascertained, a Church and a parsonage were built in the fall of 1907, on three lots, given by Henry Earlabaugh.  No actual record remains of the work and money involved, but most, if not all, of the labor, was probably volunteered.  W. J. Stokes and N. E. Wood were sent by the Conference, in 1907, and the first church records were kept.

     The young Church struggled and members were added to it.  Miss Boling and Miss Wilson were two very hard working women who kept it going.  For a time, it seemed the Church would fail but, in 1918, the Reverend Arch Meeks went before the Conference, and asked that he be permitted to serve as Pastor.  Under his leadership, the Church was strengthened, adding more than 50 members, during his three years at Arlington.  The ladies took added interest in the finances of the church and began serving lunches at farm sales to raise money.

     In 1932, the Reverend J. H. Farley felt the call to preach, went before the Conference and obtained the license and permission was granted for him to come to Arlington.

     In the 1930's, Miss Boling gave property in Prague to the Church, some of which was sold and the money was added to the church treasury.  The inside of the building was sealed with wallboard, and a piano was purchased.  The Ladies Aid added quilting to their endeavors, further adding to the church treasury.

     In 1948, the Rural Electrification Association was formed, the Arlington Church was among the first in the community to have electricity, doing away with the gasoline lighting that had served for years.  A propane system was added in the 1950's, and asbestos siding was put on the building, making it warmer and more attractive.  The ceiling was lowered, and the grounds landscaped with trees and shrubs, and a barbecue pit was built.

     After twenty-two years of service, Brother Farley was transferred to another church, and the Reverend P. J. Trent became Arlington's pastor.  A new room was added to the church building providing much needed space.  In 1958, Brother Farley was returned to Arlington Church where he remained until his retirement in 1971.  Upon his retirement, the Arlington Church was combined into the Prague charge.